Jun 20, 2010

Ruth Copeland

I think Ruth Copeland is undeservedly obscure, and where she's known it's usually first for having worked with Parliament. Though I'm sure working with George Clinton, Eddie Hazel and friends certainly doesn't hurt, her own vocals and compositions add more than a little. She wrote and co-wrote some of my favourite Parliament songs ever (Come In Out of the Rain, Silent Boatman) and recorded a few rock-soul albums in collaboration with them right at the beginning of their recording career.
Check out Your Love Been So Good To Me, their Gimme Shelter cover and HER version of  Silent Boatman.


  1. You are better than wikipedia when it comes to learning about old skool soul/funk/blues music. I didn't know she did any songs with Pfunk. I prefer the Parliament version of Silent Boatmen though; maybe its the more complete instruments. Their version haunts me.

  2. Oh, I just read the liner notes. Silent Boatman would be a good funeral song, Maggot Brain too!(they played it at Eddie Hazel's).
    Thanks Jesse!