Jun 15, 2010

Ramsey Lewis

Ramsey rules.

Pre-electric jazz, one of my favourite records:

Later, great funky stuff - one of my favourite records too:
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)


  1. Kagan,
    your blowing my mind dude!
    What was your process like on this? Did you pencil anything first? It looks like you one timed it with ink!


  2. Thanks! Yes, I did it straight-to-ink, but had reference of Ramsey's profile and a separate piano shot.
    Do you see his eyes as closed or open?

  3. Fantastic drawing, the essence of both Ramsey Lewis and jazz, cool effortless class.

    Closed (if they are meant to be open don't ever admit it)

  4. Thanks very much! I've enjoyed your comments on Mr. Apatoff's blog so I appreciate you commenting here.
    And yes, the eyes are meant to be closed - it just bugged me that they might look open!

  5. This is great always love your black and white work!


  6. absolutely gorgeous, vivid lines. if it' not too much to ask, would you mind telling us what brand of pens/paper you're using to create your art?

  7. Thanks guys! Wendi, I almost always use a #3 or 4 synthetic watercolor brush with ink. The line variety with a brush is way better than any pen I've seen. The paper is hotpress watercolor paper, because I don't like too much tooth.