Jun 3, 2010

Country Joe

Here he is as he appeared at Woodstock:
Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die

One of my favourite Country Joe songs (WW1 poetry by Robert Service put to music):
The Man from Athabaska


    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work.
    You breath a ton of life into these and I love your choice of musicians. Yah Freestyle Fellowship!

    Holy macaroni Kagan! Your awesome!
    Plugged on my blog for sure!

  2. Thanks Jesse, what a great response. Glad to hear it and love your watercolors! I dipped my wacom pen in water last night by accident and ruined it. Guess it was another reminder why drawing on paper is still more fun. (And you'll never get those nice bleeds like in your life drawing in photoshop!) Thanks for the plug!

  3. So awesome your doing these and I know your so crazy busy. You are a machine!!!!