Sep 30, 2010

Black Sheep

Here’s some less-famous gems if you’ve played the first album as much as I have:

Off the Wall - Trespass soundtrack
The Legion - Jingle Jangle
Pardon Me
Who Dat?
(New) Dres — Forever Luvlee

And this is a cool recent video of Dres explaining the crazy intro to A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing:
You Mean I’m Not?


  1. that was mind-blowing. you have such incredible control of a VERY difficult, beautiful medium. hats off to you, i'm very inspired right now...

  2. Man its great, cause you plainly see the process, but I'm still blown away and a little mystified by the final.

    Dope as always Kagan!

  3. Thanks Wendi and Nimit, I was actually worried it wouldn't be too interesting. But glad to inspire, I appreciate the comments!

  4. Amazing. Thank you for making me bust out the Black Sheep!

  5. You know, all this time, I thought you worked's such a great surprise to see this and see that the work you create is traditional (though I don't now if this is how you always work). Great progress video!

    Ken Meyer Jr.

  6. Very cool seeing you work. I have to ask, do you have any sort of sketch beforehand? Because it looks like you're doing all this with no guidelines and that seems almost superhuman.

  7. Thanks Ken - I've been meaning to do more of these but got caught up finishing my book this year. Glad you like them though. I love traditional but on deadline I usually do a combo with some photoshop coloring.
    Mark, thanks! You're right, it would be a bit much if there was no pencil sketch here, but there is. Most times I lightbox, but since I'm working on watercolor paper I can print my sketch in a really light color (that the camera doesn't pick up) and ink on top of it. I think I used a really light yellow for this one. The inks and water almost erase the sketch so you can't tell it was ever there.

  8. this dope!love these videos bro.