May 10, 2010

Al Green, Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger

Al Green

Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger


  1. Thanks Gavin, I was happy with that one!

  2. You too Dominic, thanks for looking.

  3. Julie's eyelashes need to be heavier. Road to Cairo is a great cover of the David Ackles tune. Another of his gems from that album

  4. Good call on the eyelashes. I wanted to show you this when you posted the link on illustrationart, so glad you found it!
    Thanks for leading me to David Ackles too, I hadn't heard of him before!
    I've seen Brian Auger play in Toronto a couple times in the last 5 years or so - I'm sure it's not the same as it was but he's still pretty great.